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Just as you might consult a travel agent for advice in planning your vacation, or a lawyer to draw up your will, you can turn to your advisor at Investia Financial Services Inc. in Windsor to develop a financial plan to help fulfill your dreams.


Successful financial planning is a long-term exercise based on trust. To build that trust, your Investia financial advisor will work hard to respond to your needs. He or she will help you define your goals, develop a personal financial plan and provide advice whenever you have a question.


Your Investia advisor can show you how to fight the erosion of your earnings by inflation and taxes so you can accumulate capital for a better life today and tomorrow. This could involve strategies in the areas of:

We will help you develop an appropriate portfolio and adjust your investment strategy as your needs change to keep it growing.


There’s no secret to financial success – simply good planning. And there’s no better time to start than right now.


Our job is to help you make your dreams come true with a financial plan that is right for you.


How We Can Help

Our advisors can provide expert assistance in the following areas:

Financial planning

Financial planning is the process of taking the assets you already have, the money you now earn, the money you will earn in the future and getting the best possible value out of them by reducing your taxes and increasing your investment return, all without reducing your standard of living.

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Education planning

Your advisor can recommend a financial strategy that combines tax savings and tax-sheltered investments designed to help give your child a fair start in life.


Retirement planning

Your advisor can develop a plan to maximize your retirement funds through sound investments while taking advantage of tax benefits inside and outside your RRSP. After you retire, we will help you convert your RRSP to an RRIF to avoid the tax bite and deploy your capital to maintain your lifestyle and preserve your estate.

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Tax planning

Your advisor can help you structure your financial affairs to reduce your tax bill. We will also ensure that your income tax planning is driven by your overall financial objectives and is not treated as an end in itself.


Estate planning

Your advisor can help you determine what to do before you die to make sure that the people and things that you care about are well taken care of after your death and that your final tax bill is minimized.

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cash management

Cash management

Your advisor will help you develop an effective money management strategy that will ensure that you have some money left over after basic necessities and taxes to implement your long-term financial strategies.


Risk management

Your advisor can help you devise an orderly approach to managing risk that can help you save money while securing your household’s sound financial future.

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Save More for Your Future

Our financial advisors will suggest effective cash management strategies to help you save more for your future.

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